I am a great believer in sourcing products locally and supporting local artisans so please do a google search for basketmakers in your area (or do a search on https://basketmakersassociation.org.uk/makers/) before buying from me!

Otherwise, please get in touch if you would like a replica of any item displayed in my gallery or a bespoke commission.

The items below are ones that I make regularly and are fairly standard, although replicas may differ slightly in size or willow colour.   Please contact me to purchase.

Postage is extra to the prices and varies depending on size and postal address.

Stockists on Pen Llŷn include Ynys Enlli Trust shop, Siop Felin Uchaf, Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw and Cwt Tatws

Log Basket - £100

Robust and chunky, woven with locally harvested willow. 


Driftwood basket -  £40 - £80 (depending on size)

These are my 'signature basket' and each one is unique. They are ideal for a variety of uses such as foraging, shopping or storage and display.  The handle is made from driftwood collected from local beaches.  Colour, size and shape differ slightly but I can email a photograph of the ones I have available before you purchase.

Driftwood baskets
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-31 at 17.17.21 (1).jpeg

Willow and wool wall hanging - £25 - £35 (depending on size)

These woven hangings capture a connectedness to the coastal landscape, incorporating willow, local sheep's wool, shells, driftwood, and other locally found natural materials.


'Basged bach' - mini basket £40

This very cute basket could be used for storing, collecting, or just decoration because it's so sweet!

Approx. 17cm base, 9 cm diameter at top.

big and little.jpeg

Bardsey Shopper - £80

A medium size, round basket incorporating limpet shells and a plait woven from rush or montbretia.  

Approx.25cm base


Shoulder basket - £80

A colourful and strong oval basket, with cork shoulder strap.  Cork is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to leather. There is a choice of either a zigzag pattern in brown willow or a variegated pattern using buff and white willow with a willow bark strip in the middle.

shoulder basket on tree.jpeg
shoulder basket.jpeg

Foraging basket - £55

A small round basket incorporating a plait of rush, daffodil or montbretia leaves. Approx.18cm base.


Felt inserts       

All of my baskets can have a shaped felt insert as an optional extra.  The felt is made from sheep's wool, most of which comes from sheep on Bardsey Island.  These inserts are removable and can also be used as pot stands!  

They vary in price depending on size £10 - £25


Flower basket - £45

A beautiful basket based on the "zarzo" technique, originally from Catalonia.  A useful basket for collecting flowers or garden produce.

flower basket.jpeg

Backpack - £80-£175 , depending on style and size


I think backpacks are best made bespoke, as shape and size depend so much on their intended use.  For example, I use the large backpack below to collect seaweed from the beach for use on my garden!  So please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

willow backpack.png
seaweed basket.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-31 at 17.17.21 (2).jpeg

Birdfeeder or planter - £25

A conical shaped basket, ideal for fat balls to feed the birds, plants, dried flowers or holding garden produce such as garlic

Birdfeeder (fatball)

Fishing creel 'handbag'. £180

This design is based on a traditional fishing creel with a slightly bellied front and is finished with a driftwood toggle and hoop. It comes with a sustainably sourced cork strap.  It is fairly complicated to make and incorporates lots of techniques - I learnt to make it from the amazing Eddie Glew (Blithfield willow) who in turn was tutored by his dad.


Woolly woven seat pads - £30

Soft but durable seat pads, made from local sheep's wool.  Very popular!

I have a variety of colours and designs.

Willow Fish

These are available in two designs:

 - the Fat fish (£12) and the Shell fish (£18)

Woollen seat pad

Puffin Tea Cosy

Hand felted from locally sourced wool, including wool from Ynys Enlli.  A puffin motif is needle felted onto one side.

These are available in 2 sizes:

2-3 cup[ tea pot cosy: £30

3-4 cup tea pot cosy: £38